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List of Congress Dates, Hosts, Locations and who was President
Congress Host Society Date Held Location President
92nd Dundee & District Philatelic Society 14th-15th April 2023 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Francis Podger FRPSL
91st Perth Philatelic Society 22nd-23rd April 2022 Dewars Centre, Perth Rev. J. Colin Caskie
Kirkcudbright Philatelic Society & Dumfries Stamp & Postcard Club 2021 Congress Cancelled due to Covid19 Pandemic Rev. Douglas Irving
Perth Philatelic Society 2020 Congress Cancelled due to Covid19 Pandemic Rev. J. Colin Caskie
90th Largs & District Stamp Club 12th-13th April 2019 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Robert Watt
89th Scottish Philatelic Society 20th-21st April 2018 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Richard Cuthbertson
88th Lanarkshire Philatelic Society 21st-22nd April 2017 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Alan Wishart
87th Caledonian Philatelic Society 15th-16th April 2016 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Paul McGowan
86th Falkirk & District Philatelic Society 17th-18th April 2015 Dewars Centre, Perth Mrs. Jean Osborne
85th Scottish Postal History Society 11th-12th April 2014 Dewars Centre, Perth Dr. David Kindley
84th ALBA Stamp Group 19th-20th April 2013 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Michael Turnbull
83rd Kirkcudbright Philatelic Society 20th-21st April 2012 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Alexander McCulloch
82nd Glasgow Thematic Society & Strathclyde Postcard Club 15th-16th Apriol 2011 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. I. MacPherson
81st Aberdeen Philatelic Society 16th-17th April 2010 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Jeffrey Stone
80th Lothian Postcard Club & Edinburgh Stamp Group 17th-18th April 2009 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. David C. Mekie
79th Ayrshire Philatelic Society 18th-19th April 2008 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. Willie King
78th Perth Philatelic Society 20th-21st April 2007 Dewars Centre, Perth Dr. Ronald Harkess
77th Caledonian Philatelic Society 21st-22nd April 2006 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. R. Walker
76th Dundee & District Philatelic Society 15th-16th April 2005 Dewars Centre, Perth Rev. Alan J. Roy
75th Lanarkshire Philatelic Society 16th-17th April 2004 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. A. MacGowan
74th Scottish Postal History Society 25th-26th April 2003 Dewars Centre, Perth Dr. Brian Dow
73rd Edinburgh Philatelic Society 19th-20th April 2002 Dewars Centre, Perth Mr. D. Fisher
72nd Kirkcudbright Philatelic Society 24th-25th March 2001 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. D. Watson
71st ALBA Stamp Group 18th-19th March 2000 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. A. Shepherd
70th Dundee & District, St. Andrews & Arbroath & District Philatelic Societies 20th-21st March 1999 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. Alexander Forbes
69th Bearsden & District Philatelic Society 21st-22nd March 1998 Falkirk Town Hall Miss Joan Trew
68th Paisley Philatelic Society 22nd-23rd March 1997 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. Robert Barclay
67th Caledonian Philatelic Society 23rd-24th March 1996 Falkirk Town Hall Dr. Iain Boyle
66th Glasgow Philatelic Society 18th-19th March 1995 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. J.C. Crawford
65th Falkirk & District Philatelic Society 19th-20th March 1994 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. Frank N. Soutar
64th Scottish Philatelic Society 20th-21st March 1993 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. Tom Rielly
63rd Lanarkshire Philatelic Society 21st-22nd March 1992 Falkirk Town Hall Mrs. Sheila Sinclair
62nd Perth Philatelic Society 23rd-24th March 1991 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. J. MacLaren
61st Glasgow Thematic Society 24th-25th March 1990 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. A.J. Lacey
60th Scottish Postal History Society 8th-9th April 1989 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. G. MacKenzie
59th Ayrshire Philatelic Society 30th April - 1st May 1988 Falkirk Town Hall Mr. David Rossall
58th Stirling & District Philatelic Society 11th-12th April 1987 University of Stirling Mr. A. Hunter
57th Bearsden & District Philatelic Society 5th-6th April 1986 University of Stirling Mr. I.B. Hamilton
56th Aberdeen & North of Scotland Philatelic Society 30th-31st March 1985 University of Stirling Dr. G.M. MacIntosh
55th Scottish Philatelic Society 14th-15th April 1984 University of Stirling Mr. Tom Rielly
54th ALBA Stamp Group 9th April 1983 University of Stirling Mr. S.K. Hunter
53rd Perth Philatelic Society 17th April 1982 University of Stirling Mr. P.J. Hawkins
52nd Caledonian Philatelic Society 11th April 1981 University of Stirling Dr. I.L. Evans
51st Glasgow Philatelic Society 19th April 1980 University of Stirling Mrs. M.I. Morris
50th Lanarkshire Philatelic Society 21st April 1979 University of Stirling Mr. K.E. Norris
49th Ayrshire Philatelic Society 15th April 1978 University of Stirling Mr. J.H.C. Williamson
48th Edinburgh Philatelic Society 23rd April 1977 University of Stirling Mr. A.B. Johnstone
47th Paisley Philatelic Society 24th April 1976 University of Stirling Mr. A.McMillan
46th Dundee & District Philatelic Society 19th April 1975 University of Stirling Mr. D.F. Collins
45th Kirkcudbright & Dumfries Philatelic Societies 20th April 1974 University of Stirling Mr. R.L. Bertram
44th Kirkcaldy & District Philatelic Society 14th April 1973 University of Stirling Mr. R. Wright
43rd Caledonian Philatelic Society 22nd April 1972 University of Stirling Mr. S.G. Hoey
42nd Bearsden & Stirling Philatelic Societies 24th April 1971 University of Stirling Prof. P.D. Ritchie
41st Glasgow Philatelic Society (in conjunction with ScoPhilex) 23-25 April 1970 McLennan Galleries, Glasgow Mr. S.R. McKenzie
40th Greenock Philatelic Society 19th April 1969 Bridge of Allan Mr. T.J. Mitchell
39th Edinburgh Philatelic Society 27th April 1968 Bridge of Allan Mr. A.B. Johnstone
38th Aberdeene Philatelic Society 22nd April 1967 Bridge of Allan Mr. J.J. Waterman
37th Glasgow Philatelic Society 16th April 1966 Bridge of Allan Mr. J. Davy
36th Scottish Philatelic Society 10th April 1965 Bridge of Allan Mr. D.H. Jones
35th Ayrshire Philatelic Society 11th April 1964 Bridge of Allan Dr. J.C. Somerville
34th Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain 6th April 1963 Bridge of Allan Mr. A.E. Stephenson
33rd Caledonian Philatelic Society (in conjunction with Scotex) 12th-14th April 1962 McLennan Galleries, Glasgow Lt. Col. G. Sackville Smith
32nd Paisley Philatelic Society 15th April 1961 Bridge of Allan Mr. J.S. Donaldson
31st Dundee Philatelic Society 9th April 1960 Bridge of Allan Mr. F.H. Fairweather
30th Kirkcaldy & District Philatelic Society 11th April 1959 Bridge of Allan Mr. G. Morton
29th Kirkintilloch & District Philatelic Society 12th April 1958 Bridge of Allan Mr. L.L. Langley
28th Thematic Stamp Group 6th April 1957 Bridge of Allan Capt. P. Durand
27th Bearsden Philatelic Society 14th April 1956 Bridge of Allan Mr. W.L. Morton
26th Philatelic Society of Egypt 16th April 1955 Bridge of Allan Mr. H.M. Wallace
25th Greenock Philatelic Society 17th April 1954 Bridge of Allan Mr. R.S. Binnie
24th Aberdeen Philatelic Society 4th April 1953 Music Hall, Aberdeen Mr. J.M. Petrie
23rd Glasgow Philatelic Society 22nd March 1952 Bridge of Allan Mr. W.M.P. Dick
22nd Stirling Philatelic Society 14th April 1951 Bridge of Allan Mr. J.S. Merrylees
21st Caledonian Philatelic Society 18th March 1950 Beresford Hotel, Glasgow Mr. J.B. Wardhaugh
20th Dundee Philatelic Society 26th March 1949 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. F.H. Fairweather
19th Aberdeen Philatelic Society 24th April 1948 Station Hotel, Edinburgh Mr. E.W.S. Japp
18th Dundee Philatelic Society 8th March 1947 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. F.H. Fairweather
17th Greenock Philatelic Society 9th March 1946 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. A. Robertson
Activities suspended during Second World War
16th Glasgow Philatelic Society 11th March 1939 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. A. Harrold
15th Scottish Philatelic Society 26th March 1938 Station Hotel, Perth Brig. Gen. W.E.R. Dickson
14th Caledonian Philatelic Society 13th March 1937 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. H. Bull
13th Edinburgh Philatelic Society 28th March 1936 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. W.G. Syme
12th Aberdeen Philatelic Society 30th March 1935 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. G. Beverly
11th Dundee Philatelic Society 24th March 1934 Station Hotel, Perth Dr. A.E. Kidd
10th Glasgow Philatelic Society 25th March 1933 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. J.R. Raeburn
9th Scottish Philatelic Society 19th March 1932 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. J. Durham
8th Caledonian Philatelic Society 28th March 1931 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. J. Kirkhope
7th Edinburgh Philatelic Society 22nd March 1930 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. W.G. Lamb
6th Aberdeen Philatelic Society 23rd March 1929 Station Hotel, Perth Mr. J. Anderson
5th Dundee Philatelic Society 24th March 1928 Station Hotel, Perth Dr. A.E. Kidd
4th Scottish Philatelic Society 30th April 1927 Royal British Hotel, Edinburgh Mr. N. McLean
3rd Dundee Philatelic Society 27th February 1926 Glasgow Dr. A.E. Kidd
2nd Dundee Philatelic Society 28th February 1925 Dundee Dr. A.E. Kidd
1st Dundee Philatelic Society 17th February 1923 Queens Hotel, Dundee Dr. A.E. Kidd

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